When: Begins Saturday March 23rd 5-7:30pm (monthly for ‘3 Moons’)
Where: South Golden Beach Hall
Exchange: $200 for 3 Sessions.


☾ We will gather in person each Full Moon phase during the months of Autumn to slow down, reflect, share and re-align. Autumn is a season of letting go, shedding, a transition into the cooler months and a time to bring a sense of groundedness as the season itself is light, dry and erratic.

 ☾ Our monthly Women’s Circle will have a theme based on the energies of the season and the particular needs of the group – this is a bespoke program where each participant has input just prior so that content and discussion can be relevant and powerful. However there is also space to allow whatever arises to be there, witnessed and personally examined.


☾ Following the cycle of the moon is a powerful way to re-connect to the presence and flow of Shakti Prana in our body and in our lives – as women in particular the moon holds great potency and guidance when we are still and tune into her energy. These circles begin the practice of noticing and connecting with her light in order to bring the power of the balanced feminine into our lives and onto this Earth – where there is great need for it.

☾ All humans, whether they are aware or not have a need to be seen, heard and respectfully acknowledged as well as to recognise their own gifts and limitations and find solace in experiencing that they are not alone in their humannness. In my experience this is the power of women gathering, sharing and receiving (as well as giving) the gift of presence and deep listening.


☾ Each session will incorporate centring and soothing practices such as mantra, mudra (subtle hand gestures), yoga nidra or guided meditations.

☾ We will reflect on the theme of the circle and use specifically chosen music, poetry, quotes from yogic texts or relevant writers and philosophers to stimulate our own thoughts and how the themes or topics might be playing out in our own lives.

Svadhyaya is the yogic concept of self-study and while we will not be practising yoga asana in these sessions we will be bringing yogic thought to life which will bring a depth to your practice and move you towards greater awareness of how you can bring yoga off your mat and into your life.


☾ Because this will be a closed group for the 3 months (with option to continue into the new season for another ‘3 Moons’) this offers a chance to connect deeply with other women in this community and go deeper into your own heart and ‘wild nature’ – reconnecting with yourself as a part of nature and tuning into the different energies of each season.

☾ In a world that is increasingly online and artificial this is your opportunity to connect heart to heart, in the flesh with like-hearted women and with a real human (me!) creating the space to tap into the reality within – both the light and the dark.


I offer this quote from Women Who Run with the Wolves as inspiration for this work and as reason why I offer this at this particular time:

‘So, if women must, they will paint blue sky on jail walls. If the skeins are burnt, they will spin more.

If the harvest is destroyed they will sow more immediately.

Women will draw doors where there are none, and open them and pass through into new ways and new lives.

Because the wild nature persists and prevails, women persist and prevail.

Dr Clarissa Pinkola Estés

“3 Moons” is an opportunity to draw a new door, open it and pass through into new ways with a beautiful group of sisters holding your hand.


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Emma 0406 090 791 to claim your place.

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When: Saturday 13th April, 2024
Where: South Golden Beach Hall
Exchange: $45pp

Many women in this community have taken up a monthly yin session as part of their ongoing practice with me as an accompaniment to weekly (more active) classes and I wanted to remind you of some of the benefits of this slow, restorative practice. Our first session is coming up on April 13th at South Golden Beach Hall from 3-5pm.

If you’ve never experienced Yin yoga, it’s a style that involves longer holds of poses in a seated or reclined position – with plenty of props – in order to access deeper layers of fascia and also to still the body and (eventually) quiet the mind. It brings balance to a ‘yang’ lifestyle which most of us have in the modern world – aka lots of doing, thinking, solving and striving.

If you’re someone who knows they “should” meditate but just cannot sit still long enough, then a yin practice – while challenging – may be a great way into that stiller way of being that you long for. It’s a simple practice (not easy mind you) of breath, body, mind and heart. 

Yin yoga provides a chance to re-orient yourself in a world that so easily dis-orients. 

Are you someone who:

☾ Struggles to meditate but wants to find more stillness?

☾Likes a slow, gentler paced yoga class (or NEEDS this to balance a faster paced life)?

☾Feels that 2024 is your year to create more space for yourself, your health and wellbeing (on all levels) and to take time to BE rather than DO?

☾ Feels overwhelmed by the ‘brokenness’ of our world and desires a greater bandwidth for coping and making changes towards the peaceful world you want to create both internally and externally?

Then this monthly 2 hour session is for you!

Register Here for April Yin Yoga & Mantra Medicine

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