‘Space is always here…before your noticing of it.’

Lorin Roche 

So many of us feel the “squeeze” of modern life. A constriction that comes from over-scheduling, over spending, over doing…in every sense. Our homes are full of stuff we never use, cupboards bursting with clothes we don’t wear and often bellies full of food we don’t really need to eat. I’m not removing myself from these observations – guilty as charged.

But between the constant movement and distraction. Between the looking and the listening and the mindless scrolling and viewing. Between the inhalation and the exhalation is…that…space. Always here. How often do you pause to notice the vitality and aliveness right here? Nothing to change or improve. Nothing to add. Our life is here, between one breath and the next. There is nowhere more sacred than this space.

Through regular yoga practice we begin to notice more readily the sense of spaciousness in the body. We can notice when constriction or holding sets in. We feel how the breath creates a space for us to just BE. Time slows down somewhat and we can look at our life and actions from a solid, elevated standing point and ask “Why?”

Within a sense of spaciousness comes freedom – to move, to breathe, to notice and welcome the small joys, to dream and believe. To hope.

Ways to feel more spacious:

  • Clear and clean your external environment (watch Marie Kondo for Inspo!).
  • Slow your breath and notice the pause between inhalation and exhalation.
  • Practice yoga asana (postures) and hold each one for an extended period (at least 1 minute) for maximum spaciousness in the physical body. Pause between each one to feel into subtle sensations.
  • Sit and listen to the sounds around you.
  • Watch the clouds float across the sky.
  • Get out into nature.
  • Sit in silence daily.

“Spacious” as a word resonates so deeply with us because we’re craving it. I’d love to hear how you bring a sense of spaciousness to your day – comment below!

How can you make 2020 a year in which you notice and connect to the spaciousness that’s already present.