Hello Dear Sister…I’m so glad you’re here.

My story:

As a highly sensitive person I spent many decades feeling the world so deeply that I didn’t know what was my own or others’ “stuff”. I didn’t know then that the world was so challenging for me because my nervous system processes information in a different way.

My whole life has felt like a pilgrimage, born of struggle, to know myself and the Divine more deeply and to bring about change from the inside out.  After travelling India and Nepal at 21, I fell in love with the way daily life was infused with both sacredness and hardship (and how the two could co-exist). Yoga called me back there a couple of years later and it was then that I committed to my path of practice. 

I have now practised Yoga daily for over 20 years – it is my life and the lens through which I view the world. Yoga and Ayurveda have  offered deep healing and transformation. With greater self-knowledge I can now confidently manage my sensitivities and I’m living a life I’m proud of and love. I know with certainty that the work of healing can only come from within, this is a truth I have experienced profoundly and one I desire to share with you.

For those ready to embark on their own healing path I’m here to support you with the ancient wisdom teachings of Yoga and Ayurveda. My adult life has been spent teaching, in many forms and I’m here to share these tools of inner medicine that I revere –  in simple, authentic and deeply grounded ways.

Want to work with me?

If you’re here in Byron Shire, Australia, you can attend my weekly public yoga classes in South Golden Beach as well as my regular workshops and intensives.

Or if you’re ready to dive deeper into your healing, my online 1:1 coaching program

“The Life Right Here”

is for you!

This 3 month program will support you to create deeper self-awareness and transformation as well as cultivate presence in the here and now, in this one sacred life. My approach to coaching infuses the theory and many practical tools of Yoga  and Ayurvedic daily routines with space holding, intuitive listening and the power of accountability to support you to heal and thrive. 

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I hope to hear from you soon – whatever challenges you are facing know that there is a simpler and easier way of being and I’m waiting to support you.

Namaste x