What are we using to cover over our inner life?

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This video post is a bit of a funny one maybe….and I’m not just talking about the crumb on my right cheek (?!). I could have re-shot this but I’d rather keep it real (I’d just eaten lunch guys!!). These ideas around luxury and comfort and of course their opposite – austerity –  could be taken as extreme perhaps but I’ve been contemplating these things for a little while. Of course austere for one person could be viewed as luxury to another – it’s fairly subjective. And I guess as food for thought you can take these ideas at whatever stage you are at on this journey – for some of us getting up at 5am to do our yoga practice is an austerity for others it’s normal and wonderful and no longer a challenge – we can of course keep upping the ante. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below and what ideas arose for you around this topic. What can you take from it?

PS: Apologies for the still shot that accompanies this video –  I look like I’m snarling – caught me at a bad moment!!


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