Medicinal Musings

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I’ve been letting the word medicine seep through my layers of late as I work out what it truly means to ME. I chose it as a word to use in my Yin Yoga and Mantra Medicine sessions – for one thing I adore alliteration and it sounded sweet with ‘mantra’! But this word does have deep meaning and resonance for me….I’ve just never nutted out its truth…nor expressed it.

A beautiful woman that comes to my yoga class said to me on Saturday “Your classes are like…..medicine.” I felt the sentiment of that in my bones. So it’s coming up for me to take a closer look.

The words medicine and medication have very different connotations – can you feel that? And depending on our life experiences we might even look at the word medicine as something more like medication – in a clinical sense. Something to take when you’re sick, antibiotics or herbal remedies to heal a physical or mental ailment. Of course there are times when medication is necessary.

In my own experience often we require medication when our own medicine has dried up.

When we forget that we are keepers of the wisdom and know what to do to be well.

When I think of the word medicine in a spiritual or mystical sense it initiates a remembering, a home-coming – to greater truths and simplicity and that all-knowing place within that gets covered over by the doing and the achieving and the clinging and the worry. Oh the worry. And if you’re living in the western world with all its shiny promises and pitfalls you’ll likely be well-covered over….unless you’re steeping your medicine.

Medicine is juiciness, an elixir that’s laden in your blood, it’s on the wind at dawn that whispers “Everything’s alright my love”. It’s the antidote to conditioning – unconditional…unbound. It breathes you deeper, connects you to fullness rather than scarcity. To love rather than fear. It uncovers your song and gives you the courage to sing it.

It opens your heart to the possibility that you were divinely created to share your gifts – so do not be afraid.

It builds you up and fortifies – an immunity of spiritual proportions. People and words can be medicine, plants can be medicine, the ocean, moon & stars are medicine. Those things that have the ability to bring us back to what’s in front of us right here – reassured, embodied and at ease. Unveiled and strong. Free and fearless.

So then begs the question what is MY medicine? I know without a seconds pause.

Yoga asana, pranayama, meditation, mantra, the ocean, surfing, forests, mountains, kisses from my loves, bear hugs, connection with people who love me, nutritious plant foods, sacred water.

And stillness.

The greatest medicine my friends is always in the stillness.

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