The Power of Gathering in Circle

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As one of 4 girls growing up I deeply felt the power and potency of “Sisterhood”. Fiercely. We are connected via our genes but also in the sense that we will love each other and be there for each other no questions asked. But I live a long way from them now physically and perhaps I’ve had a yearning to connect with women on a deep level of late because of the irregular physical contact with my own sisters. Although the experience of meeting in circle is different to anything I’ve ever experienced within my family.

Perhaps you feel this longing too because of isolation or relocation. A sense of disconnection – from yourself maybe but also from the power of women gathering – with purpose. A place where sisters support and nurture each other without fear of being judged. A place where collaboration equals power and competition is rendered ash. A place to speak from your depths, to take responsibility for and ownership of your feelings and emotions….and of your life. A place to cry and laugh – to cleanse at the deepest level.

As women we’ve been raised in a patriarchal world. Despite the wonderful men in my life, at a societal level this is a sad but true reality. We’ve had to navigate our way through a sea of inequality and societal conditioning that makes us feel that we aren’t enough or conversely that we are too much. I dare say it’s a rare woman that hasn’t had to claw her way out of this mud at some point. Many are still held tight there. We can pull each other up and out.

Gathering in circle is an ancient tradition. Way back all of us lived on the land and were deeply in tune with our Mother and her cycles. Both men and women together gathered in purposeful circle for a very long time. This is in our blood.

Women met around the fire to prepare food and for ritual. They shared stories. They listened. They connected authentically and created community. The type of community that many of us yearn for as our world moves increasingly “online”.

I felt the call to meet in circle with women last year. I didn’t know much of what went on there but it breathed familiarity. I felt it would be a process of uncovering, of healing, of removing evermore layers of conditioning and of connecting back to a time when life was pure. Where the inner life and our connection to the subtle realm was not so shrouded. Where magic was real.

My experience was all of that and more.

What to expect in my circle – Soul Fire Sisters

My own holding of sacred space is about to begin in a different way to the way I hold space in my yoga classes. Yoga is sacred no doubt and my intention is to transmit that – but circle work is of a different nature. I’m not teaching – just holding.


Soul Fire Sisters is my creation hymn. 

I will bring my passion for spiritual practice, sacred sound, music, movement, meditation, breathwork, self study and intuitive questioning into the fire of circle. My intention is to create space for women to connect, grow, transform and ignite. Each month’s circle will be centred around a relevant theme for contemplation & discussion and to challenge us. In every way.

We will:

connect to the different layers of our body and to each other; breathe; chant; talk; share; laugh; cry; sing; journal; dance; create ritual; heal; listen; reflect; experience; and give & receive love.

If any of this breeds a sense of homecoming or yearning please make contact to register your interest. Numbers will be capped to keep the intimacy and connection of the highest level.

I hope to see you there sister.



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