How I came to be a Coach!

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I first came across coaching a few years ago through a great podcast called The Vitality Coach.  At the time, I was on leave from my job as a teacher – I was burnt out, depressed, anxious and depleted – and I felt anything but vital!

Outwardly I was fit and healthy but my internal dialogue was making me sick and I didn’t even realise it.  It was as if life was happening to me and I felt totally powerless to create change, let alone the beautiful life I silently dreamed and prayed would come to me.

I listened to that podcast daily, sometimes devouring episodes back to back, and it gave me practical, achievable tips for living a purposeful life filled with passion, health and, of course, vitality. It inspired me to take the reins and it was one of the many tools I used to get back on track and recover – for good.

On reflection, it was also one of the reasons I was drawn to this work.  At the time it didn’t occur to me that I’d like to be a coach too, but looking back a lot of the podcasts I’ve loved were all created by coaches!

I’ve always had goals and strived to live my best and healthiest life, I love reading books on self-discovery and my yoga and meditation practice (the ultimate tools for self-inquiry) has naturally lead me down this path.  Perhaps it was only a matter of time before I got the message that this is what I was meant to do, but once I started making time each day for stillness, I started to receive the inner wisdom that in the past I’d been too distracted to hear. The wisdom that told me to trust and follow my passions; that told me I had everything I needed within me to live the life I was longing for.

My mantra, which I clung to like a life raft over many years of yoga practice, was “practise, practise, all is coming” which Pattabhi Jois the great Ashtanga Yogi encouraged his students to do. I practised and it has come, from the inside out.

As I near the end of my coaching training with the Beautiful You Coaching Academy, I know with all my heart that this work is what my life experience, my gifts and passions have all been leading to.  This work has been waiting for me to BELIEVE AND COMMIT and it truly lights me up.  

It’s about honesty, vulnerability, integrity and purpose.

It’s about deep conversations about things that truly matter.

It’s about connection, consciousness and courage.  

What could be more motivating and inspiring than that?

I used to think coaches were just for entrepreneurs and that to be a coach you had to be “successful” (in the narrowly defined sense that our society assigns this word). But I’ve come to see, and wholeheartedly believe, that “success” has many forms.

Some of the “successes” (as I define them) that will inform my work as a coach are:

  • Living (or aspiring to on some days!!) with true presence in each moment.
  • Feeling energetic and passionate about the life I’m living.
  • Having a sense that I am aligned to the greater plan for my life.
  • Feeling calm and centred so I respond to challenges rather than react to them.
  • Noticing abundance in the many forms that it shows up.
  • Feeling connected to spirit – the invisible life force that animates every living thing – every day.
  • Trusting that I’m cared for and that there’s nothing to fear – I’m learning to befriend that dragon!
  • Moving beyond self-imposed limiting beliefs and feelings that I am not enough (because I am enough and so are you!).
  • Cultivating self-compassion to begin living without judgement of myself or others.
  • A deep knowledge and divine experience of the practices of yoga, lovingly nurtured with over 16 years of daily practice.
  • And my 15 years as an educator – I can no longer deny that teaching is in my soul (despite many years feeling that being a teacher was “not enough”).

I truly aspire to live from this place on a daily basis and I deeply believe and understand that true happiness and ease come from within. It’s there waiting, but you have to be courageous enough to go in and be with it; to find your way through all the obstacles and distractions that are covering it over.

My coaching offerings are a matter of weeks away, so if you’re ready to take control, connect inwardly, consciously create the inner and outer life you’ve been waiting for and feel joyful and on purpose – aligned to your calling and equipped with the courage to take up the call – I’m here waiting to support you!

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