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If you’ve never done a coaching series before you may be curious as to what it’s all about – I certainly was when I began thinking about reaching out to a coach. When we’re not sure what to expect it can all be a little bit daunting and even intimidating to make that initial contact. A short look inside a coaching series might be beneficial if you’re starting to think “Could this be for me?”

I have definitely been in a space in my life where I’ve felt “stuck” – out of alignment and disconnected – from my body, my breath, my ‘True Self’, shut off from this Inner Wisdom that I kept hearing about and not externally living in alignment with what I was feeling internally. I felt low in energy, stressed and with little enthusiasm for daily life as I found it. There were times I thought “there has to be more to life than this” even though I didn’t know what that “more” was (and externally my life was fine). I had little belief in my ability to make the changes that I knew I needed (because I didn’t even know what those changes were!!). In short I was living in a haze of exhaustion that intensified during the early years of motherhood.

If you feel like you are in a place where life is happening TO YOU rather than YOU being in control of your destiny, like you are living on auto-pilot and not really clear about what it is you want to be, feel, create and achieve in your life – let alone how to get there – but really feel like it’s time to make some sort of change, then coaching will help!

I can assist you to re-connect with yourself (on whatever level needed: physically, energetically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually) because let’s face it, when we become a mum we are so focused on others we can forget ourselves. I can support you to re-align your actions in the world with the bigger dream you have of a joyful. energetic and passionate life of presence – however blurry,  buried or whispery that dream is right now. If you are ready to take 100% responsibility for your life as it is and where it is headed (especially if you’re scared) then I am the coach for you.

Do you need greater awareness and clarity around patterns that may be sabotaging your best intentions for health and wellbeing? Maybe your own care has taken a back seat (like I’m talking the last seat in the back carriage of The Ghan – it’s the longest passenger train in the world at 44 carriages!!). Do you need support to put it back in the first carriage and take the driver’s seat? Perhaps you simply desire to feel calm and present for your life as it is now or live more consciously, with self-compassion, knowing what you want, where you’re headed and how you’re going to get there one step at a time. If you want to take purposeful action on a daily basis with connection, consciousness and courage rather than living in that place of confusion, disconnect and fear then I’m here to help you take back control. Let me assure you – however small or big your dream for your life is – it matters.


Coaching with Me

I will send you an initial questionnaire focusing on life as it is – what you’re loving and what’s not so hot, how you take care of yourself, your strengths, talents and heart’s desires as well as what you want from coaching. And yes that can be a little scary to contemplate but ‘scary’ is on the right track and it’s where the courage comes in. We can then book in an initial complimentary consult of 20-30 minutes to delve a little deeper into your answers, discuss how I can support you and see if we connect and are a good match for a coaching series. This consult is absolutely obligation free – there will be no pressure whatsoever from me to undertake a coaching series – it’s your call.

If you decide to go ahead with a 6 session series (once a fortnight over 3 months) we can do this via Skype, phone or in person if you are nearby. I will support you to set some inspiring and challenging goals in session 1  (of course ones that are achievable) and then we’ll set action steps for you to carry out in the coming fortnight. These action steps will begin by finding where you’re at right now – truly at – and then move into gaining clarity around the bigger vision you have for yourself. You will explore all possibilities that are available to you in working towards achieving these goals.

Each fortnight we will check in to see  how you’re going with your actions, celebrate your achievements, relish any ‘a-ha’ moments, re-evaluate and re-connect with your desires, bust through any blocks through powerful questioning and I’ll be there with you the whole way – whatever comes up!! I will compassionately hold you accountable to what you say you want. I won’t let you shy away from what I know you can achieve – even if there’s resistance. You will have access to me between sessions via email if you need this extra support, so that I can cheer you on or help you dig deeper.

Because of my many years of practice and training in yoga and meditation and my passion for positive mindset and mental health, self-belief, self-care and connecting to Spirit / your inner life these will inform my work with you. You can access any of my practical experience and knowledge should you so desire at any point in our series – I’m more than happy to share tools and practices – although I strongly believe you have the answers to your questions within YOU – you just have to stop and truly listen.

If you are feeling the pull to perhaps explore this a little more and connect with me, make contact today via email or phone or sign up for my newsletter to be given first chance at partaking in my Opening Celebratory Offerings once my coaching doors are open (hint: it’s happening in August!).

I encourage you to take a step closer – I’m here to help you down the path to achieving the life that you know deep down you can – one of Connection, Consciousness and Courage.




*Pic by Bram Naus


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