Autobiography of a Yoga student

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A monthly feature delving into the lives of Jala Yoga students…


This month our yogi is Bridget Ann Murray.


What I love doing: I love being in nature, with my dog a lot of the time, on the beach or through the bush. It’s where I find most peace. I love yoga, pilates, cooking and listening to podcasts.

Favourite meal: This is a very hard question as being a chef I am spoilt! Homemade curry with beautiful fresh fish.

3 people I’d love to drink tea with after yoga class: Emma (the best teacher), Dave my partner (would love him to come) and my sister Danielle (wish she was in Australia to go to yoga and hang together).

Favourite asana: Trikonasana

Asana I’m working towards mastering (without attachment of course!): Chatarunga Dandasana

What I love about yoga: Yoga gives me a place to slow down, calm my mind and reminds me to be present. While also giving me a workout but in a balanced way that my body appreciates.

What I love about the Jala Yoga community and class: I love our Friday yoga class, such a bunch of beautiful souls. I look forward to our tea and chats after class. It feels like a very safe, open community, with all levels of yoga, friendly faces and lots of loving energy.


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